Workshops give yoga students an opportunity to delve deeper into their practice. In the confines of a 75 or 90 minute practice, teachers don't always have the opportunity to break down challenging postures, answer anatomical questions or teach complex philosophical concepts. Here are some of my signature workshops. I'd love to bring one of these workshops to your studio! 


Core Strength Vinyasa

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a transitional style of yoga that teaches students to move from the deep core of the body utilizing the power of the myofascial muscle meridians. In my Core Strength Vinyasa workshops students will learn to initiate movement from the core rather than the periphery of the body for a safer and more effective yoga practice. These workshops can range from an introductory two hour workshop to a full weekend immersion.

Kick Your Asana

Kick Your Asana is my signature advanced asana workshop. We will build plenty of heat and move towards the postures that your students are stymied by. Utilizing intelligent alignment we will break down the most challenging asanas and inversions. (2-3 hours)


Alignment in Action 

This workshop or series of workshops takes the mystery out of yoga alignment. We will work thorough five alignment principles that can be applied to all asanas to deepen a yoga practice with the utmost integrity. This workshop can be offered as one session or a series where each workshop delves deeply into a principle. (3 hours, or 2 hours each)

Find Your Bliss in Backbends

Whether you are a person who loves backbends and want to learn ways to deepen your backbends safely or you are overwhelmed and get anxious when it's time to practice backbends, this workshop will have something to teach you. We will explore ways to deepen your backbend practice and move towards advanced backbends in an safe and supportive environment. (2-3 hours)