I like to consider myself a wellness warrior who shares her knowledge of yoga and its accompanying lifestyle with anyone who would like to learn. I am a perpetual student and have had the privilege to travel and study with some of the most knowledgable teachers in the yoga and wellness world. 

I began practicing yoga when a studio opened down the street from my high school. I was 16 years old and intrigued to see what yoga had to offer. From the first class I took, I was in love and wondered when I would be at the front of a studio leading a class.

I relocated to Boston to pursue a degree in International Relations and Conflict Resolution at Boston University and was lucky enough to find a yoga studio that I liked quite close to campus. It isn't a coincidence that the semesters that I dedicated myself fully to  my yoga practice were the semesters that were my strongest academically. 

After college, I was lucky enough to spend time traveling to study with some of the greatest yoga and bodywork teachers. I spent 4 months living at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Western Massachusetts where I had the privilege of studying with Stephen Cope and Don and Amba Stapleton. I left Kripalu to travel to Costa Rica and obtained my 200 hour yoga certification at Nosara Yoga Institute early in 2007 with the Stapletons. Taking my first training only solidified my belief that the study of yoga is a lifelong pursuit. 

The next year, I decided to deepen my knowledge of the human body by studying Thai Yoga Bodywork with Jonas Westering. I feel in love with this deeply healing modality and also met my next teacher and mentor. Jonas became not only my bodywork teacher but my mentor in Anusara Yoga. I continued my studies in Anusara yoga with Jonas and John Friend, traveling to Thailand twice to train with Jonas. I also deepened my knowledge of Thai Bodywork on these trips, studying with some of the living masters of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai. During this time, I also completed a certification in nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an additional certification in Detoxification from Natalia Rose and the Rose Institute. 

My studies of Anusara yoga profoundly influenced my teaching style and deepened my knowledge of intelligent alignment and enriched my understanding of Tantric philosophy. I received my Anusara Inspired certification in 2012. 

I continued my exploration of anatomy based asana by completing a 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training in Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini in 2013. I became one of her Master Trainers, and teaching alongside her in her teacher trainings. 

I live on Staten Island with my husband and daughter who are teaching me new and amazing lessons every day.